• APO 2019 Open Space Theme:

    Bringing together Agile Principles and Product Management

    Evening Monthly Meetups

    Single sessions focused on an Agile Product topic leveraging the open space format

    Food and Beverages

    Food and beverages provided during the events.


    Networking to follow the event. Meet other professionals in your industry.

  • About Agile Product Open

    A collaborative forum for using Agile to discover & deliver better products, in better ways.

    Our Vision

    Agile Product Open is the leading forum for learning, sharing, and promoting the application of Agile principles and practices to product management so we can make better products in better ways. We energize, enlighten, and exemplify the co-creative and collaborative core of Agile principles through the way we gather.

  • Our Mission

    Deliver volunteer-led events such as meetups and conferences that are fueled by the participants themselves. We use tested and experimental techniques which allow the community to set the agenda, exchange as peers, build our network, engage in deep peer-to-peer-learning, and expand our knowledge and skills. In so doing, we elevate our capacity to deliver products that please our customers, satisfy our sponsors, build collaborative product communities, and change the world through great products that matter.

  • What is the Agile Product Open event?

    This will be our fourth Agile Product Open conference. It is a not-for-profit, low cost event allowing Agile product practitioners to deeply engage in a day of focused conversation and stimulating collaboration around Agile product practices and techniques.


    We use Open Space Technology, the original and time-tested “un-conference”. It is a self-organized, empirical gathering that reflects the spirit and ethos of Agile.

    We bring together practitioners, empower them to blaze their own trail, create just enough structure to ensure progress, and hit the “start” button – that’s Open Space Technology. Read more about what Open Space is here. Learn more about why we use open space here.

    Why should I attend?

    APO is the place for product people using Agile to share, care, and go deep on how to apply Agile principles and practices to the art and science of Product Management.

    This can include you, if you call yourself:

    • Product leaders (VP or Director of Product and Ux)
    • Project Manager
    • Product Owner 
    • Technical Product Owner
    • Agile Business Analyst
    • CTO's or VP's of Engineering or Development
    • Agile Coach
    • Product Innovation Leaser 

    What might you learn at the APO Conference?

    Since you--the participants--define the agenda, any topic related to our theme of Agile Product Alignment Across the Organization is possible!

    Here are some possibilities:

    • Ways to build alignment with engineering teams
    • Importance of regularly sharing key customer and market details across departments and from all field teams
    • Aligning product roadmap with marketing planning
    • Sharing product information in a timely manner with product marketing for input into white papers, product launches, campaigns and social postings
    • Tools for engaging and aligning the organization with product planning
    • Is there one process for each type of product line across teams that create, design, promote and sell the product? How to solve delays and roadblocks in communication?
    • How quickly can your company respond to market changes?
    • Essential stakeholders across the enterprise to engage in product management and development
    • How internal stakeholders such as sales, marketing, finance, tech influence, and impact product planning and development
    • Who and how to obtain alignment in product vision and roadmap

    ...and more!!

  • What is Open Space?

    Open Space Technology (also referred to as Open Space or OST), is a self-organizing practice that releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people.

    By inviting you to take responsibility for what you care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, where you propose the topics, reflect and learn from each other, and accomplish meaningful work.


    Open Space is internationally recognized as an innovative approach to creating whole systems change and inspiring the best in human performance.

  • Why Open Space?

    We chose Open Space for Agile Product Open because it lets us fully engage with those who are truly passionate and committed to our theme,

    Arguably, there is no greater bond that product people share than their collective passion and commitment to optimize product value and build products that people love.  Open Space helps us unleash this bond. 


    Like Agile itself, Open Space is built on a set of guiding principles. It can appear deceptively simple at first glance (a phenomenon familiar to any Agile practitioner). But while Open Space is known for its apparent lack of structure and welcoming of surprises, it turns out that the Open Space is actually very structured—structured to fit to the people who attend and the work they do in exploring the theme. 


    With it's unique structure, Open Space provides flexibility for surprises and discovery, inspiration and innovation, deep learning and connection.

    Who is behind the APO Conference?

    Agile Product Open is a volunteer-led event. We survive and thrive due to the generous sponsorship of Boston Product Management Association, the Agile Alliance and other sponsors for this one day conference and our monthly meetups.

  • Connect ◦ Learn ◦ Share ◦ Engage