• About Agile Product Open

    Bringing Agile Principles to Product Management

  • One Day Conference

    All day Saturday with 24 unique sessions to choose from.

    Breakfast and Lunch

    Continental breakfast and lunch provided during the event.


    Networking to follow the event. Meet other professionals in your industry.

  • Why should I attend?

    Agile Open Space gives you the opportunity to practice your skills in Agile Product Management with other professionals in the area, Bringing Agile Principles to Product Management.

    • Find new ways to integrate Agile principles and practices into your product role
    • Improve how you work cross-functionally, even outside of your engineering teams
    • Explore better ways to conduct product discovery
    • Reduce the waste of elongated, overly complex product management processes and bloated product features
    • Focus on what matters to build great products with a focus on customers and users

    Agile Product Open Topics

    Since you--the participants--define the agenda, any topic related to our theme of Bringing Agile Principles to Product Management is possible! 

    Here are some possibilities: 

    • Agile product roadmaps
    • Product decision making
    • Exploring product options, holistically
    • Hypothesis testing and determining value
    • Building effective acceptance criteria
    • Leading and lagging indicators for Agile delivery 
    • Nonfunctional requirements in agile
    • Efficient product backlog management 
    • How to slice User Stories
    • Tactical and strategic product “ownership”
    • Design sprints for risk reduction and innovation
    • Product visioning workshops
    • Delivering low and high fidelity prototypes
    • and more...

    What is Open Space?

    Open Space Technology (also referred to as Open Space or OST), is a self-organizing practice that releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people.

    By inviting you to take responsibility for what you care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, where you propose the topics, reflect and learn from each other, and accomplish meaningful work.


    Open Space is internationally recognized as an innovative approach to creating whole systems change and inspiring the best in human performance.

    Why Open Space?

    We chose Open Space for Agile Product Open because it lets us fully engage with those who are truly passionate and committed to our theme,

    Arguably, there is no greater bond that product people share than their collective passion and commitment to optimize product value and build products that people love.  Open Space helps us unleash this bond. 


    Like Agile itself, Open Space is built on a set of guiding principles. It can appear deceptively simple at first glance (a phenomenon familiar to any Agile practitioner). But while Open Space is known for its apparent lack of structure and welcoming of surprises, it turns out that the Open Space is actually very structured—structured to fit to the people who attend and the work they do in exploring the theme. 


    With it's unique structure, Open Space provides flexibility for surprises and discovery, inspiration and innovation, deep learning and connection.

  • Agile Open FAQ's

    Who can create an Open Space session?

    Anyone attending Agile Product Open may create a session.


    What topics are suitable for an Open Space session?

    Any topic related to our conference theme is appropriate. Sessions may be on technical or non-technical subjects, but should relate to working with agile product management and product ownership.


    Do I have to be an expert in the topic to host a session?

    No, session hosts only need to have the level of expertise needed to facilitate the session. If you intend to teach other people about something, we hope you actually know something about it. You may choose to conduct your session as a discussion among peers or even organize a session around a topic that you know little about but would like to understand better. Be sure to explain how you intend to conduct the session when you invite people to attend it.


    Can I add a session after the Opening?

    Yes, just speak to our Open Space facilitator, Ainsley. We will have announcements of new sessions and changes during lunch.


    Will there be a record of sessions?

    We publish simultaneously or shortly after the conference an online record of what sessions were held, who participated and what happened in them. The level of detail of this summary is up to the session hosts; at the conference, instructions and assistance will be available so that you can enter session information while it is fresh.


    Are meals provided?

    We’ll have a continental breakfast and lunches and a networking session after we close the space with wine, beer and light snacks. Our sponsors, who have generously enabled the day to have, will have information to share at tables in the networking area.


    What equipment is provided for the sessions?

    Our space will be set up with flip-chart tablets, easels as appropriate for the space, markers, and sticky notes.


    Will we have Internet access?

    Yes, wireless Internet access will be available.


    Are accommodations available?

    There are a number of hotels nearby. Please Google “hotel near 45 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 and you will find a number of options. Add paragraph text here.