• May 21, 2016

    2016 Agile Product Open

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    Bringing Agile principles to Product Management

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    MAY 21, 2016

    Session 1

    10am - 11am

    Is your concept of "product" block organizational agility?

    Joel Foner (Host), Mona, Lisa Sieverts, Brad, Vanessa Ferranto

    • Thinking about the product is holding us back
    • Get to the point where you can easily deliver small capabilities quickly
    • Your customers will determine the product

    Download full session notes

    Slicing User Stories

    Mary Gorman (Host), Ellen Gottesdeiner, Eric houston, Shyam, Cynthia Andre

    • 7 Product Dimensions
    • Slice based on value
    • Explore options for each of the seven dimensions
    • Don’t forget complexity of data

    Agile without co-location

    Heddy Stern (Host), Lorelei Fara, Heather, Shannan, Heddy, Michelle Leger, Jennifer, Michelle

    • 2 week length for a sprint – release to production at least once per month
    • Fulfilled action items from the iteration
    • Ability to unblock themselves
    • Time to demo iteration to “done”
    • Percentage of stories completed based on user needs

    Agile Roadmaps

    Bruce McCarthy (Host), Mike Dwyer, Bobby Zcaticov, Shannan Brown, Raj Puranik, Jess Wu, Lesya Zaichenko, Tom Morris, Deb Pontes


    Agile for Dummies

    Casey Hurley (Host), XinXin, Shanfam, Simon, Justin, Joel, Iris

    • Difference between Scrum and XP
    • How flexible a cross-functional team can be
    • Agile: How and Why
    • Avoid Waterfall, fixed time and cost.  Linear/fixed/silo teams
    What's Next
    • I am going to ask the team: "Who has a voice in that process?" to know better about how the team collaborates
    • Figure out how to be more Agile but still do Waterfall

    Session 2

    11:15am - 12:15pm

    Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

    Dev Gupta (Host), Eric Houston, Lisa Sieverts, Justin Hildebrandt, Simon, XinXin, Joel Silberman, Liza


    For the Individual

    • "Lean Startup" Eric Ries
    • Volunteer with Agile New England

    For the Organization

    • Executive Sponsorship
    • Agile culture
    • Start small
    • Align teams, infrastructure

    Download full session notes


    Ellen Gottesdeiner (Host), Jess Wu, Mary Gorman, Bobby Zuatkov, Elaine Richie, XinXin Guo, Iris Febres, Shannan  Brown, Cynthia Andre, Steve Jaccaud, Joel Foner, Shyam Kumar


    Bruce McCarthy (Host)

    Making sure the important things get built

    Heather Bauer (Host), Bruce McCarthy (Host) Shyam, Tushar, Lesya Zaichenko, Tom Morris, Steve Robins, Deb Pontes, Lorelei Fara, Jennifer Lent, Michelle Leger, Raj Puranik

    Topics on Prioritization

    • Mystical algorithm?
    • Weighing Framework vs. Gut Instinct? 
    • Collaboration
    • Bugs vs. features
    • Single track vs mulit-track
    • Throw it out and start fresh
    • What do we need short vs. long term
    • Single backlog vs. multiple

    Download full session notes

    Product Owner versus Product Manager

    Mike Dwyer (Host), Shanfan, Mona, Brad, Michelle, Chandi

    Sorting out PO/PM responsibilities

    Session 3

    12:30pm - 1:30pm

    Product Owner part of a team or leading a team?

    Deb Pontes (Host), Anshul Madan, Xinxin, Jennifer Lent

    Working with Scrum Masters

    Alexis Schuette (Host), Justin Hildebrandt, Eric Houston, ellen Gottesdeiner, Brad, Raj Puranik, Mona

    Design Sprint

    Tushar (Host), Shyam, Shanfan

    • How other people sprint - different legacy challenges
    • Learning from other design sprint methods - understanding business goals
    • What is a design sprint?

    Agile Coaching

    Michelle Leger and Elaine Ritchie (Host), Liza, Shannan Brown, Steve Robins, Joel Foner

    We started by talking about what Agile Coaching means, how it helps and organization.  we moved on to speaking about organizational psychology and Agile coaching as identified by Lyssa Adkins and the Agile Coaching Institute.  We finished with a discussion of how and when to use Agile Assessments, the value and limits of existing tools.


    Group members took notes on referred tools and techniques, and measures to learn more about coaching.

    How do we keep ourselves from delivering kick ass products?

    Steve Jaccaud (Host), Lesya Zaichenko, Cynthia Andre, Tom Morris

    • Learned it is more about the day to day, sprint to sprint interactions, communication and having crucial conversations
    • Less environmental, cultural, or mechanical in nature

    Session 4

    1:45pm - 2:45pm

    Managing Management Objections to Agile

    Alexis Schuette (Host), Chandi, Liza, Steve Robins

    • Objections come from more than just management
    • It can be a backwards question: "Management doesn't care about Agile, they just care about results"


    Ellen Gottesdeiner (Host), Jess Wu, Cynthia Andre, Shanna Brown, Tom Morris, Michelle Almeida, Mike Dwyer, Tushar Banerji, Brad Deminjion, Iris Febres, Steve Jaccaud

    What is your story on User Story mapping?

    Shyam (Host), Dev Guta, Steve Jaccaud, Deb Pontes